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San Mateo Event Center
The San Mateo County Event Center was established in 1934 with the first building, Fiesta Hall. The property and grounds have grown tremendously over the years and the San Mateo Event Center is now an internationally recognized facility, hosting elite Silicon Valley picnics and corporate events from 200 to 6,000 to International Professional Exams, and corporate meetings. Over the Years the Event Center has added six more buildings including 100,000 square foot Expo Hall, donated to the facility by Semicon. The Event Center is proud of its most recent investment of over $300,000 in IT infrastructure and recently hosted a corporate media event that streamed video for 10 hours including a two way presentation by Steve Wozniak. The Event Center offers high tech connections as well as free (café) campus wide internet.
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The San Mateo County Event Center is the Bay Area’s Event Center and hosts the only 100,000 square foot building from San Francisco to San Jose. With a campus feel, and ample green space, the Event Center has hosted indoor and outdoor events for well recognized clients such as Lexus, General Motors, Yahoo, and the International Motorcycle show.
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