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The Corral

The Corral is an area for cars

whose owners want their car to be part of the event

but believe their vehicle is

  • Not up to the highest standard due to after market modifications, etc.
  • Have a very nice vehicle that does not fit into the SCCA classes offered
  • Too new in vintage, is something other than a car, example:  fire truck, etc
  • Wants VIP parking on a nice grassy sports field adjacent to the main Concours field, vs. parking in the public parking garage
  • Wants to park together with friends, or car club
  • These groups should contact the Concours office for a special reserved area and should plan on arriving to the field together as a group

Corral Entry  Guidelines

Applications will accepted up until April 19 or until Corral is full

An application for consideration must be competed and submitted with a photo and entry fee (see event entry package page)
  • No drive up entries will be allowed on the day of the Concours
  • No ‘Cars For Sale’ are allowed in the Corral however you can put a car for sale in the Cars For Sale’ area of the event

  •  Cars are for display only
  •  No judging or trophies
  •  No trailers are allowed in Corral area
  •  Trailered corral entries must be offloaded in the designated trailer parking area prior to being driven into the Corral

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