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Have a vintage, classic, or an every day ordinary car you want to sell?

Cars for Sale at the Concours

You won't have another chance like this anytime soon
If you own a vehicle and are ready to part with it, bring to the Concours Cars for Sale lot. Your car, displayed with show cars will be exposed to a ready audience with interest in automobiles of all types. The exposure of your car at the Concours is far more efficient than a private listing elsewhere, so remember the Concours for the sale of your car. Many cars from our for sale lot are sold each year.  Several years ago, one buyer bought three cars! And at the Concours for sale lot, there is noo commission to us, no split. The profits of the sale are all yours.

  • One hundred dollars ($100.00) will buy your spot in the For Sale lot for one car.
  • Included in the sunshine, Concours experience and opportunity to sell your car are free admission to the Concours: one car for sale gets two gate admissions.
  • No advance registration is required. 
  • First come-first served.  
  • Car for Sale lot opens for registration 7:00 am.
  • Bring your own For Sale sign and sales contracts.

Please direct questions about registering a car for sale to Cars For Sale Chairperson Margaret Stork
. You must provide your own For Sale sign, and terms of agreement/contract.

Peninsula Shops supports the Palo Alto Concours and helps support this website.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please contact our offices.

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