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Judging and Scoring

  • Cars will be judged on interior, exterior, engine, and chassis based on authenticity, general appearance, care, and preparation
  • Any entrant may elect to have their car judged or entered for exhibit only
  • Judged cars have field priority and will be placed within the appropriate class
  •  All judged classes will be judged by the SCCA, except for some Marque classes or special awards
  • Last year’s first place winners are for Exhibit Only
  • All judged cars, other than motorcycles, race cars and hot rods, will be judged for first, second or third place
  • Motorcycles, race cars and hot rods will only be judged for first place


  • Cars for sale signs, any and all other commercial signs, displays or illustrations are strictly prohibited in the Concours area

Tents, Trailers and Special Parking 

  • No tents, pop-ups, or trailers, are allowed in the Concours area
  • Special unloading and trailer parking areas will be provided in the Concours area

All Cars Must Carry A Fire Extinguisher

  • Moving a fire extinguisher from vehicle to vehicle to fulfill judging requirement will not be allowed
  • Fire extinguishers will be for sale at the Concours for $25.00 each to anyone who needs one

Class Designations and Descriptions

 Section I       American Marque  Cadillac

                        Class A1          Pre war up to 1942

                        Class A2          1945* thru 1966

                        Class A3          1967 thru 1976


Section II     European Marque  Ferrari

                        Class H1          Ferrari pre-1975

                        Class H2          Ferrari early model

                        Class H3          Ferrari late model

                        Class H4          Ferrari race car

Section III    Imported Cars       

                        Class B            Sports Cars thru 1955

                        Class C            Sports Cars 1956 thru 1987

                        Class D            Sports Cars- Porsche-1956 thru 1987

                        Class E            Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 thru 1987


Section IV    Classics

                        Class I             US Classic Open

                        Class J            US Classic Closed

                        Class K            European Classic Open and Closed

                        Class L            Brass Era Cars 1900 thru 1917

                        Class S            Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg

Section V     American Manufacture

                        Class M           Thru 1942

                        Class N            1945* thru 1955

                        Class O            1956 thru 1965

                        Class P            1966 thru 1987

                        Class R1          American Sports Cars 1953 thru 1962 (Corvettes)

                        Class R2          American Sports Cars 1963 thru 1978 (Corvettes)

                        Class R3          Muscle Cars 1965 thru 1973

                        Class R3          Cobras

                        Class R4         DeTomaso  Panteras  and Mangustas 


Section VI    Unrestored Driven

                       Class X1          American thru 1969

                       Class X2          European thru 1969

Class IX      Motorcycles 1900-1969  Judged first place only

Class RC     Race Car                        Judged first place only from 1900 to present time


Class X       Hot Rods                       Judged first place only


By invitation only Bonneville Salt Flat cars  Judged first place only


*Car Production interruption due to production lines converted to wartime needs


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